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Few items bring out the spirit of sports fans like vintage apparel that hearkens back to the glory days of a team's most storied players. As sports fans ourselves, that's something we understand better than most at FansEdge.com. It's also why we've committed to carrying vintage apparel options from all of the major professional sports leagues nationwide, along with vintage apparel for colleges, NASCAR drivers, and even some more obscure professional teams across the country. With our selection of clothing options that brings back the days of 1970s and 1980s greats, fans are sure to find something that they simply can't live without. Why Go Vintage? We Can Think of at Least Two Reasons: Many teams in all professional sports leagues are committed to updating their branding every so often, largely to bring it in line with current trends and fan expectations. This also has the effect of creating greater demand for "new" jerseys with the new branding on them, and it can actually recalibrate a team and give it a greater presence on the field. The reasons for new team branding are justified and even exciting at times. But that doesn't mean there are just as many reasons to go retro and choose a vintage jersey. Of the possible reasons, we think there are at least two that stand out. 1. Sometimes Teams Simply Get it Wrong. There are times when even the most tested branding overhauls done by a professional team just don't seem to resonate with fans. One example that comes to mind is the short-lived attempt at rebranding the Toronto Blue Jays of professional baseball. After decades with an iconic blue jay logo, the team went for something a bit more in line with the branding trends of the early 21st century. It should have been a relatively minor issue for the team, but it turns out fans were simply not pleased. The logo, which looked like something more suited to the Seattle Seahawks, was poorly received and soon retired in favor of a modernized, original Blue Jays logo. 2. Vintage Attire is Unique and Something to Show Off. Considering most people rush out for the newest jersey each season, the fan that chooses a vintage option is more likely to stand out in the crowd and prove their loyalty to the team over the long haul. That's especially true where major changes were made, as with the Philadelphia Eagles branding overhaul in 1996. The team abandoned its "winged bird" branding for the first time in its history and gave the team an adjusted color scheme to go along with the change. Fans remain divided on the overhaul, but there's no doubt that a bright green jersey stands out in a stadium now full of dark green, black, and gray. Every Major League, Every Major Driver, and Even Some Unexpected Choices. At FansEdge.com, we appreciate fans that crave vintage gear to pair with their updated jerseys. That's why every major sports league in the United States is represented in our online store, with plenty of merchandise that hearkens back to an earlier era and an entirely different team presentation. Beyond big, professional teams, we also offer vintage college apparel and vintage looks for fans of soccer, the Arena Football League, and more. Even NASCAR fans can secure vintage merchandise for current or former drivers who have overhauled their own appearance during their time on the track. For fans who need to diversify their sports apparel and pay tribute to their team's early days in the league, be sure to get started with our vintage options right away. We're sure to have something exciting and unique for fans across the board.