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Texas Longhorns 5 1/2'' Knit Sweater Ornament
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Texas Longhorns 5 1/2'' Knit Sweater Ornament

San Diego Chargers Sled Ornament
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San Diego Chargers Sled Ornament

Sports Ornaments

Trim your tree with the ultimate collection of sports team ornaments from FansEdge. We have team logo ornaments for all leagues featuring NFL, MLB, College, NHL and NBA. The great thing about decorating for the holidays is that everyone gets to add a unique, personal touch to their Christmas tree by decorating it with just the right set of ornaments. Sometimes, that means picking a color scheme and sticking to it throughout the tree. Other times, that can mean a tree with a certain theme, be it pets, sports, family, or something else. In many homes, everyone gets to put their own personality on the tree by picking a few ornaments that represent their past, their hobbies, and who they are.

A Great Lineup of Glass and Non-Glass Ornaments for all Tastes

The great thing about FansEdge.com is that we're committed to offering the single largest lineup of officially licensed team gear for all occasions. That includes Christmas, when we offer our comprehensive collection of college and professional team ornaments in a variety of styles that will blend in with any tree's theme and bring a bit of friendly competition to the holiday. Fans should check out our various available options, including a few highlights:

Glass Ornaments for Major Teams

There is no Christmas ornament more traditional than one that is made of glass and covered in glitter. Though it might seem to stand in stark contrast to the rough-and-tumble nature of the game, plenty of professional sports teams have produced ornaments that look highly traditional while sporting their own colors and logos. Many of these ornaments actually blend into existing tree color schemes and live seamlessly alongside more traditional designs. Many of them are simply sportier Christmas ball ornaments that express a special part of a sports fan's personality.

Of course, others are a bit more daring in their design and execution. Many major football teams in the NFL, and several NBA basketball teams, turn the ornament into a basketball or football that bears the team's logo and colors. It's a great way to give the tree a more interesting look during the holidays while commanding the attention of rival fans as they enter the home to celebrate the holiday.

Many Teams Go Beyond the Ball

It might seem appropriate for sports teams to commemorate their team logo and colors during the holidays using a Christmas ball, but plenty of teams have merchandise available that takes a new direction away from the traditional Christmas ball. Diamond-shaped glass ornaments, which blend team colors and logos with an intriguing design, are available for numerous NBA teams. Several college teams actually offer Christmas ornaments that come in the shape of a team jersey, with a small replica player number that brings the spirit of weekly games into the home. Still others emblazon their logos on snowmen, Santa Claus, and a wide range of the holiday's most central figures. Fansedge even carries Kentucky Derby Ornaments.

There's Never a Wrong Time to Get in the Christmas Spirit

The great thing about sports ornaments is that they're available all year, making it relatively easy to stock up on a few unique options in advance of the Christmas season itself. With options that range from the traditional Christmas ball to snowmen, team jerseys, and stockings, fans will find something that the entire family can agree on during this key time of year. To get started, FansEdge.com encourages sports fans to start shopping for a great ornament right away. Whether it's a college team or a professional one, we have a variety of ornament styles that will match every tree and every taste for years to come.