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2018 Winter Classic Gear & Apparel

Get ready to see the Rangers and the Sabres compete in Citi Field with officially licensed 2018 NHL Winter Classic Gear from FansEdge.com. We've got a variety of authentic Winter Classic T-Shirts for both teams as well as 2018 Winter Classic Logo Apparel to commemorate the big event. Fans have access to official Winter Classic championship gear and apparel for Men, Women and Kids in our Winter Classic Shop.

Until 2008, hockey was one of the few professional sports that had no outdoor component. Like professional basketball, games took place only inside arenas where the climate could be intricately controlled and the ice could be kept in top shape during the game and between matchups. The rise of the Winter Classic, first played in 2008 and played in almost every year since, took the sport outdoors and highlighted some of the game's biggest and longest-standing rivalries. Today, it's a major New Year's Day draw for fans across the United States and Canada and a major event for the National Hockey League. This once-a-year event deserves its own lineup of quality apparel items, and that's exactly what FansEdge.com has to offer true hockey fans nationwide.

Our online store is full of Winter Classic apparel items with official Winter Classic branding, which will come in handy this year and every year in the future. Dress Warm for Outdoor Hockey: The premise of the Winter Classic is that it takes hockey out of the arena and places it square in the center of a major baseball stadium. It's a great premise, but it's one that means fans will be shivering their way to the final minutes of the game. We encourage fans to prepare in advance for the chilly air of the Winter Classic with our full lineup of team hoodies, jackets, and winter hats. Each of our cold weather items has been created with the participating teams in mind. Logos are knitted into our winter hats, screen printed onto team hoodies and designed to stand out in a crowd no matter how big or small they are. Official team colors are used liberally and stylishly, making these warm apparel options a must-have this year and into the future.

Don't Forget a Special Jersey: Classic NHL jerseys are the name of the game at the Winter Classic, and we have this year's team jerseys ready to go for fans who are serious about dressing the part. Official team colors and logos are used, with styles that look great on men, women, and children, no matter how long they've been a devoted fan of the team. Our jerseys are made from heavy fabrics and durable materials, making them just as durable as they are warm. As most fans know, every bit of warmth counts whether the game is outside or not. T-Shirts, Hats, Ornaments, and More: Finally, fans should feel free to accessorize and stock up on t-shirts for warmer days ahead. We have both Winter Classic branding and official team logos available whether it's for our shirts, sweatpants, holiday ornaments, scarves, or any number of other items. Though the Winter Classic happens just once a year, fans can celebrate its importance all year long with these great additions. Get Started with Our Winter Classic Gear Today: With a vast selection of Winter Classic Apparel items, we're sure fans will find something that fits their sensibilities this year and every year in the future.