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Fans who are looking for a subtle way to show off their favorite team's logos or colors should consider the great assortment of team-themed headphones and earbuds offered through Each of these products is designed with the modern sports fan in mind: They offer bold, cutting-edge style and come with rich sound that will cancel out the rest of the world and shine a bright spotlight just on the music. It's the most any fan could ask for, and today's products offer superior style in a number of different packages and implementations. Consider each of these unique options before making a purchase:

- Over-the-Head Headphones

Often viewed as a "retro" choice, over-the-head headphones exchange the wires of earbuds for a solid, plastic brace between the left and right speakers. These headphones might be bulkier than their earbud counterparts, but they come with at least two major advantages. The first of these advantages is that the headphones are less likely to fall out of the ears during a vigorous workout. The second is that their larger size allows for far superior audio quality in almost every instance.

Team headphones in this style are available for fans of virtually all professional teams, as well as for some fans of collegiate teams in NCAA Division I play. Each pair is produced by Skullcandy, which has a storied reputation of producing luxury-quality sound without the corresponding, higher price tag for consumers. Based on the company's Hesh 2 headphone technology, these headphones come in bright colors and durable materials that will stand up to whatever fans throw their way.

- Traditional Earbuds

Earbuds are probably the most popular headphone style currently on the market, and for good reason. Their compact size makes them easy to pack and store, light and comfortable to wear, and easy to afford. Team headphones offered in this style at are produced in partnership with DEOS Live, the company that has been transforming earbuds and pairing them both with higher style and better quality than competing products.

Most of our team earbuds come with a relatively simple style: The team's logo is placed over top of the earbud's external area, just outside the ear. This subtle styling means that the earbuds will easily match any existing outfit, but offer just enough team visibility to let others know who each fan is rooting for in that week's game. They're an excellent addition to any audiophile's lineup.

- Shoelace earbuds

Looking for something truly unconventional? A shoelace earbud just might do the trick. Instead of wires, these earbuds bridge the gap between the earbud and the 3.5mm headphone jack with a shoelace material that resists getting tangled, feels soft and comfortable to the touch, and is unique enough to grab attention. Though it's a style statement first and foremost, a pair of shoelace earbuds in team colors still offers superior audio quality at the gym, between classes, and everywhere else.

Embrace Quality and Team Spirit at

For great audio quality and vibrant team logos and colors, look no further than our lineup of team headphones. Whether they're large and vintage in nature, or small and modern, we have something for every fan and music fanatic out there.

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