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Sports Gnomes

About 150 years ago, a new craze swept across Europe: Small lawn gnomes began appearing in front of houses across the continent. Their popularity was largely attributed to European myths and folklore, primarily that such gnomes would keep the home safe and ward off any possibility of bad luck or misfortune. In the 21st century, they've transitioned primarily to decorative pieces around the home's exterior and the only stories associated with them are the epic debates they inspire among lawn gnome enthusiasts and those who loathe this particular outside decoration.

That debate, however, is not one that is prepared to participate in. Instead, we've set our sights on offering the single largest collection of sports-themed lawn gnomes to our dedicated customers. The options are vast and virtually every major team is represented, making these lawn gnomes a prime opportunity for fans who are looking to bring their team spirit outside the home.

Start with the Basics: The Lone Lawn Gnome

We encourage fans to start basic when they decorate with lawn gnomes outdoors, and we've got just the collection to make that happen. Our single lawn gnomes come in a variety of designs and they're the perfect way to test the waters of larger-scale lawn gnome decorating and layouts around the home. Lawn gnomes come in basic options, simply wearing team colors and a team logo, as well as more thematic designs.

Fans looking for something truly unique will be able to find lawn gnomes paired with the team's mascot, wearing famous pieces of team apparel, and wearing unique outfits that only the team's biggest fans would wear themselves. Each gnome is a great way to enhance the appearance of outdoor gardens and landscaping, and each tells a somewhat unique story about the team, its history, and its legion of fans.

Gnome Benches: Bring More Team Characters to Life

Of course, some people aren't prepared to start small. That's fine, and it's why we offer a series of "gnome benches" that come with several different gnomes from the start. Dressed in team colors and apparel, holding signs that cheer on the players, and doing so on a natural wooden bench, sets these options apart from our other options. They're the perfect way to take a bold step in a new direction in terms of outdoor decorating, and they'll bring the kind of personality that is often sorely missing in flowerbeds, gardens, and elsewhere.

Get Started with College and Professional Options

At, we realize that most people cheer on many different teams, both from the college and professional levels. That's why our gnomes come in varieties that cater to NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL teams, as well as several Division I NCAA schools. For most fans, that means we have the perfect assortment of options when starting a collection of team-themed outdoor decorating elements.

To get started with this great option, start perusing our lineup of gnomes right away. Be sure to pick a variety of different designs, since each gnome tells a slightly different story about the team they represent.

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